Thursday, February 13, 2020

Batman Tumbler Transformer, alternate design from LEGO set 31100 and 76140

The idea to combine 2 LEGO sets to build a LEGO Transformers was a necessity for me...

.... coz this year's LEGO Creator offerings (small and regular sized sets) doesn't offer much mechability opportunities, since they're mostly vehicles with limited ball joints inside them.

Luckily this was compensated by arrival of Marvel Mechs like Iron Man mech 76140.  So it's not that hopeless at all for me.  The reason why I combine set 31100 and 76140 together is simple: they're having similar color scheme!

Trivia:  My first "experiment" in building a LEGO Transformers using 2 LEGO sets was in 2013, using Ninjago Kai's Fire Mech and a small Creator helicopter.

Another decision I made earlier on in this project was to make a land vehicle, since I've already built many jets and space cruisers alternate creations from LEGO sets last year.

I took a day to complete about 90% of this creation almost one month ago, (refer to my Instagram  posts below)

As you can see, I initially applied a transparent windshield.  If you want to know why I do away with it and implement opaque windshields instead , please continue reading this article.

The obvious-looking robot fingers initially would form  the curved fenders for the rear wheels (just like my LEGO  Springer) . Again, I finally decided to let them wrap around the vehicle body, to add more mass to it.

Note the hole at the center of the vehicle's back. I planned to implement a gun that would connect to that hole/fill up the middle gap. This  idea was abandoned due to lack of remaining parts to work with.

Thanks to ball joints, the orientation of the vehicle front can be adjusted to prevent the rear from scraping the ground.


Time to  wake up!

Heels unfolded out from the calves allowed for bigger footprint and better stability in robot mode.

With a dual-windshield design, the gap between them can be lowered by 1 plate's height. This allowed vehicle roof panel  be folded up form the chest nicely. 

Robot Mode

Flexibility of the front wheel components allowed them to be positioned in many ways at the back of robot mode, without obstructing the shoulder articulations.  The above is my preferred method (tyres facing front).

More Poses

It's been a while since I succumb my LEGO TF to this one-leg kick torture urrm... pose!  

With Star Rat, another recent LEGO TF of mine, made from official LEGO "Year of the Rat" set

Can you guess what snack he is holding up ?

"I'm done for the day. Bring me coffee!"

Final Words

I noticed LEGO Spiderman Mech (76146)  has similar built with Iron Man Mech I used for Rumbler above, but with smaller parts for the fingers.  Theoratically, I can build Rumbler using parts from Spider Man Mech too.


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