Wednesday, October 30, 2019

LEGO Triple Changer Apeface Part 2 of 2: Robot mode

If you're new here, please visit Part 1 to view introduction about this project, with photos of Apeface's jet and gorilla mode. Done? Good ! 

Transformation from Gorilla to Robot mode

Detach Headmaster Spasma from gorilla mode.

Fold up the beast arms to form robot legs

Unfold the wings, tailfins and reposition them to the back of robot. Note the round notch that pegs to the side body flaps that hold the shoulder joints (below).

Robot Mode


He's one of the more articulated LEGO TF I made so far, with ball jointed waist, allowing the upper body to tilt up or down by at least 20 degree.

More Poses

With Rifle in Hand

Suddenly I regretted making such a short weapon for him. It should look better if longer by 2 studs at least. 

When Not on Active Duty..

Balleting around

Monkeying around.

Kung Fu-ing around

Hanging out with his Horrorcon buddy, Snapdragon

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