Saturday, July 18, 2015

LEGO Scamper and Slammer, minions of Metroplex

In the original Metroplex from Transformers, Scamper is a black weaponized sports car that transform into a robot, while Slammer is a white drone tank that detaches from one of Metroplex's tower.

My LEGO Scamper and Slammer however.... will have different abilities. In my ongoing project Metroplex , I have already build Sixgun and now , the 2 vehicles below.

Even though original Scamper has a robot mode, but due to the size of my LEGO Scamper, giving it a robot mode would means one with impaired articulations. So  I decided to scrap this idea.

I made Slammer to have rotatable turrets, which is a definite must for all tanks out there. 

Let's Transform Them Both!

Both of them transform into bodies to be merged with some of the weapons from my LEGO Sixgun. This is the least I can do so far to introduce interplayability between LEGO Metroplex's various accessories and 
extra components.

For my info and photos of my LEGO Sixgun, click here!

Introducing SixScamper*!

*yeah I know the name I given him is  a bit of a misnomer  coz SixScamper consists only of 4 guns + Scamper, ah well....

Introducing SixSlammer!

No longer a life-less drone , SixSlammer is a sentient Transformers that kicks butt. (at this point of time, I have yet to adapt Slammer as Metroplex's tower.. maybe he's better roaming independently guarding the base perimeter).

"Opps... ran out of ammo!"

They're both almost the same height. 

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