Sunday, September 28, 2014

Quickie of the Week #10: Chickening Out

I was planning to publish my new MOC today but found out time is against me. I've been spending my time doing job related work at home with deadline due about 3 days from now . Anyway...

here's a quick ,partial look at my MOC. I took an hour off to snap some  photos and publish them here with minimal editing /touchups.

In order not to reveal too much.. I stripped off the "good" parts and leaving you guys with this one. Looks like a chicken with all the feathers plucked off  ,huh :)

The design is still not final though, I might tinker around with it for a day or two more before I finalize it.

Getting the long awaited Masterpiece Wheeljack 5 days ago took a blow to my schedule too. This toy is very impressive and I can't help fiddling around with it every night !

I guess I'm dragging myself back to work now...

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