Saturday, September 6, 2014

LEGO Inferno Part 2: Robot Mode

If you're new to this page, do check out Part 1 of Inferno to view the vehicle mode. Done? Great.... let's proceed ....


Cramming a thick arm-cannon underneath the cab is no easy feat! 

  • The original toy featured both the hands/knuckles to be interchangeable  with missile launchers, but I decided to implement one arm with a hand, and another with a missile launcher/cannon, just like how he was potrayed in the cartoon.
  • Referring to  the original toy, the head inside the ladder component is not practical because it will hinder the head articulation, so I am not even going to try implement it.
  • There are 5 mini balljoints used for this MOC: 2 for the arms, 2 for the wings and one on the nozzle on the tip of the ladder.
  • My most satisfying challenge /building experience is contorting the back of the vehicle to form the legs.

Robot Mode

Full Body Shots Various Angles

Trying to be "Original" Mode


For those who missed the pot-bellied official Inferno toy: 
  • Left; G1 Inferno from the 1980s, 
  • Right: Universe Inferno, a reimagined version from recent years.

Action Poses

With "Angel Wings" Nozzles Deployed

Armed and ready for more Action!

With Towmecha, a "brother" from another non-Transformers (tm)  universe.

As an Autobot with "Angel Wings', Inferno attracted alot of unwanted attention.

Inferno: After Hours

Inferno obtain immense satisfaction playing to a crowd of small critters in a local pub.

The only way to defeat Soundwave is to rock the joint in much better ways than him.

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