Sunday, July 13, 2014

Quickie of the week #7: 31013 Alternate MOC Mech

After finishing my Transformers MOC ,I usually take  a bit of time off to unbox some LEGO sets and play around with them . One of them,  is set 31013 below.

By the way, the set above is one of the few sets I bought from Amazon using prize $$$ from winning's April Challenge (link below). Thanks again Rebrickable!! 

After I've done with the 3 official design from this set few days ago, ( and finding out there are leftover parts from the secondary and third design ), I proceeded to dismantle everything and build something else that will use all the parts from the set. So, the mech is born.

Since this is a quickie post, I won't be posting alot of photos,  but here I would like to announce that , not only all the parts from the set are used* for this MOC, but this mech have ZERO ARTICULATION !!  =)

*I think I might have drop a piece of round 1x1 part from this set under the sofa during my building, but I'm no so sure actually. And I can't verify that coz there are alot of other parts under my sofa . :P

Up for a Challenge?

If you wish to recreate this MOC , below are two photos that might be of use to you. And since the number of parts are minimal, I'm sure you'll manage in matter of hours at most =)

A lil' bonus for you guys

I might have posted the photos above in my facebook and flickr  , but since you took the time to visit my blog here, below are 2 teasers of what I've been up to yesterday evening. Instructions for this upcoming MOC will be ready a week's time. Interested? Go grab the related Creator set now!

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