Saturday, July 19, 2014

LEGO 31023 Alternate Mode: Skyracer with instructions

Set Creator 31023 is my favorite LEGO set so far this year (2014). This is because this gem of a set have 3 very solid alternate modes (which doesn't come often in a typical Creator Set) , and the building techniques are very fulfilling for me during my play with it. After spending  a week or so indulging on this set, it's time for a customary MOC using it. 

As usual, if possible, the MOCs I made from official sets will be "more than meet the eyes". And this is no exception.

If you're expecting this racecar to transform into a robot, then stop right there pardner. This set doesn't have any balljoints, so I decided not to built a robot using it (I am able too, but it will be stiff and lacks articulation). If you love M.A.S.K. , oboy you're in for a pleasant suprise. =)

This MOC can hold one minifig snugly, and the interior looks pretty well made too (control panel and steering handles).


There are so many hinged parts in this set 31023 that they're taunting me to use them in the best way possible! So I did!


In the very beginning, I kept getting a yellow M.A.S.K. racecar vibe from set 31023's racecar mode. I never owned that M.A.S.K toy but I remembered my neighbor had one. This vibe set the ball rolling for this MOC. Only after I'm done with this MOC, I did some googling out of curiosity and discovered it's a M.A.S.K. dune buggy called Firefly. And it's not even yellow! Boy my memories sure are jumbled up.

The wingspan of this baby is nearly twice as long as the length of the jet body.

Comparison shot with Set 70721: Kai Fighter, first runner's up in my favorite 2014 LEGO set.


Here ya go! 


  1. Built this model yesterday and was really impressed, thanks a mill for sharing the instructions, are u planning to do any alternates from the 31024 as well? Thanks again

  2. Hi Michal. I most definitely will crank out something for 31024. In the meantime , I have unboxed 70723: Thunder Raider, which looks pretty promising for a LEGO MOC transforming mech . Shall attempt one next month when I'm not so busy with work =)

  3. Man, that's so cool! Look likes a speed racer series car, and that plane, oh man! Congratulations!!!


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