Saturday, April 20, 2013

LEGO Thunder Wingster Instructions

In my previous post , I published my MOC LEGO Thunder Wingster, made from two Creator sets (Thunder Wings + Highway speedster) . As promised earlier, here are the instructions to build it.

Let's start with the head and jet nosecone shall we?


Upper Body

Left Leg

Right Leg

Note: since both legs and feet are symmetrical, I just flip the instructions around :)

Left and Right Foot

As mentioned earlier, the right foot instructions are flipped version of the left. However... there is a grey pin part which exist in the left and not needed for the right (this pin helps to connect both feet together in jet mode ).

Putting it all together

I think some of you might need an extra guidance on how to connect each component together for the upper body. Here you go:

As for the rest of the body, do revisit my Thunder Wingster gallery (link below) to assist you in completing the build , and transformation sequence too!

Lastly, I hope my effort here is not in vain. Compiling instructions is hard work, especially when I'm using this trusty ol' 7-year old Toshiba laptop which happened to die on me earlier this morning after 20 minute of usage. Might get a new one soon since I need another powerhouse machine to process and store  videos of the MOC I plan to capture =)

1 comment:

  1. I just finished building this guy, and gotta say, the nosecone is too heavy. The moment I try to lift the jet, the nosecone droops off and sag immediately.
    Oh, and you seems to forget to give us instructions for his arms. Is that intentional?


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