Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Video Tutorial: Transformer Optimus Primal (Beast Wars) Gorilla from LEGO Creator 31133: White Rabbit


Phew......  just in time (sort of!)...


LEGO Creator 31133: White Rabbit was released at the beginning of this year (2023) and it was an immediate purchase! I have received many requests to build a Transformer using this set, too! 

Last year when a preview of this LEGO set surfaced online, I planned to build a Beast Wars rabbit with the set,  to commemorate the then upcoming Transformers: Rise Of the Beast movie.

    An official BW character  that turns into a rabbit actually exist, and his name is Stampy!

Months went by and I found myself  tied up with my other LEGO projects (and life in general), causing me to forget about my BW plan until about few weeks ago, thanks to the hype of  TF:Rise of the Beast movie (damn you TV spots!) .  So  I yet again planned to build a BW character from the movie using LEGO sets  . Sadly , I simply couldn't get started at all. I guessed I better don't push it.... until....


Rise of the Beast has started showing last Thursday in my local cinemas, and I have yet to watch it at the time I am writing this.  so on the following Sunday , I finally commit myself one whole day to start building something related.  As fate would has it, this project was completed by night time the same day!


This creation was inspired from Optimus Primal, one of the main protagonist from Beast Wars cartoon series  (and also the current live action movie).

Uhmm.... since the good-guy Primal is dark in color, I think my  white creation here can be called Nemesis Primal , the evil "shattered glass" version of him? 


Back mounted cannons are the final finishing touches to this creation.



There are so many  quarter rounded parts from set 31133 ,  and they're perfect as Primal's shoulder pads. 

The heads  (in both modes) is my favorite part of the designing process, even though the euphoria (of getting it right) only lasted about 10 minutes. One of the rare moments I actually got the head(s) correct from all most LEGO Transformers (using sets).

Transformation between modes is super easy, so I won't be showing the photos here.


Due to lack of hinges,  his robot head and beast head is actually a single component. Just turn his head around for either mode.  This method was actually experimented by me about 2 years ago on Mindwipe, a Bat transformers I made using set 31102)




Lack of hinges also caused the feet to be fragile. Be gentle when folding them during transformation!





Building Instructions in the form of a video tutorial , is located at the bottom of this page. 

Before you get started, please sort your parts according to the photos below. 




Left Leg


Right Leg


Pelvis and Head





Video not showing? Click here please

Thank you for following my video tutorial! 

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