Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Video Tutorial: Transformer Earthspark Megatron from LEGO Creator 31115: Space Mining Mech


When I set my eyes on Earthspark Megatron few months ago, I knew he will be a great candidate for my LEGO Transformers!


Transformers:Earthspark is one of the more recent Transformers cartoon series to hit the streets (circa 2022).   Earthspark Megatron (toy) caught my eyes immediately due to the initial perception of simple* Transformers at a glance, especially his arms .

*I found out later on that he has pretty engaging transformations from video reviews of his toy!

Those twin rotor blades quickly reminded me of LEGO set 31115: Space mining mech too, where it has a bunch of suitable parts to build them.  

Click here for all my creations built with set above so far!


As usual, intense effort were made within the first few weeks and without fail.... one single stumbling block led me to cast it aside .  (and it's not the head !). Keep reading to find out what hindered me.


I prefer to mount the cannon at the center of his vehicle mode to give it a more balanced look, compared to the side in the original Megatron I took inspiration from.


The rotors doesn't spin freely as they're connected via ball joints.

The rear tailfins were the finishing touches to this project.

Honestly, I prefer the cannon-less mode above as it looks great in various angles in the photos 

Something minor which I am proud of: replicating the missile tips on both sides of the vehicle mode, just like in the original toy! 

The cockpit halves is the earlier mentioned stumbling block. The curved front was designed and secured poorly , and it exposed the robot head too. With so many flaws,  this made me scrap it altogether and put the project aside for a month or two, then returning to complete it with a fresh  mind recently.




The secured knee joint is important to prevent the robot from tipping over to the back easily. The heels can be configured in many ways to stabilize the robot mode. Elaborate action poses might requires a different heel orientation though.



Yet another minor thing I'm proud of:  saving the scarce red parts from the set to apply on the robot's waist to mimic his toy version.


I suddenly regretted placing those red and green plates on his butt , while preparing the building instructions videos. I should've hide them inside the robot body !



As mentioned earlier, his multi-ball-jointed heels need reconfiguring to allow some of the poses below to be stable.





Building Instructions in the form of a video tutorial , is located at the bottom of this page. 

Before you get started, please sort your parts according to the photos below. 


Left Leg


Right Leg





The Rest


Video not showing? Click here please

Thank you for following my video tutorial!  I'll produce more Transformers from set 31115 for sure! Do come back again!

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  1. This build reminds me of Shatter glass Megatron in colour scheme


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