Thursday, October 22, 2020

Video Tutorial: Transformer Batwing from LEGO set 31073: Mythical Creatures


 LEGO set 31073: Mythical Creatures was released back in 2018. And I already had built a Transformer from it then...

...and it was a Scorpion TF named Scorponus (below).He once lingered on my display shelf alongside my newer LEGO creations. 

Click here if you can't view the video above.

Recently I was suggested to combine the set above (31073) with a recent set (31102, currently a Transformer Crocodile)  to create an even better Transformer. I am still on the fence over this idea. 

However....  one fine day (yes, it's always daytime) I dismantled  Scorponus  and try giving yet another shot at building a new TF from set 31073.

The Batwing alternate mode was the initial idea, but my very first attempt didn't go well*. So I tried other forms like an dino and eagle mode,  but suffered bigger setbacks...

*I remembered pushing myself too hard trying to sculpt the crescent shaped Batwing wings, then dismantled them out of frustrations.

.... in the end.. I returned to building Batwing mode, after lowering my bar a lil'.  

My favorite part of building this creation was designing the rounded nosecone.  

Trivia: One of the final changes to this creation before I wrap this project up was to lengthen the wing/legs by one stud.



Initially both the black arms and dark red forearms have studs facing front and oh boy... they're really ugly and I  don't have any more parts/tiles from the set to improve them. Finally I decided to swap the arms orientation so the studs will face the back instead, and apply 4 yellow round plates to enhance the front.

The hinged heels really helped a lot in balancing him in various knee bending poses.


Walking casually pose is underrated, as most photos of robots always show them in a very battle-hungry pose.

The pose above would not be possible without a wide footprint!


Wondering why some photos are in green background while some in blue? The green ones contain an extra stray white part not from set 31073 (located on robot's back). This was discovered by an eagle eyed instagrammer   when I posted a sneakpeek of this creation there last week.  

The blue photos show the corrected version. I chose the show the green photos here coz that part is "almost" hidden in those angles. Try spot them!

OOOOPPPS  #2...!

After the bunch of photos above were snapped, I discovered a design error that's not really obvious, but I still wish to highlight it here (after detaching the chest plate for clearer view of my boo boo):

Note that the ball joint sockets on both the left and right shoulders are connected differently (look closer!) . 


Video tutorial is located at the bottom of this page. Before you get started, do sort your parts by referring to the photos below:


Video not showing? Click here instead.

Thank you for following my video tutorial! 

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