Wednesday, September 2, 2020

LEGO Transformer Crocodile from Creator set 31102: Fire Dragon


Well, this creation here was a special request by a parent on behalf of her child, that is to build a crocodile from Set 31102

As you can see, I have built a Dragon Transformer from the same set many months ago (instructions here). I guess time is ripe for me to reboot the set and fulfil a child's wish*.

* I knew he wanted just a LEGO crocodile (not Transformer), but where's the challenge in that, I'd thought.


Initially both tail haves were clasped together nicely, but I'm forced to flip them to face the other way.

The jaw opens! I am pleasantly surprised since I didn't plan for this at all. Thanks to leftover hinges after building the rest of the body. 


The studs on top of the crocodile are  just perfect to mimic its scaly skin.

Ability for the tail to sway to either direction is an unexpected outcome from my design.

"Tickle me! Tickle me!"

The red plates (with claws) on the front leg used to be connected below rather than on top of the dark-red curved plate, but I found the former method's clutch strength was weak. It popped off after I tried to bend the claws. 





The longer horns were last minute changes actually. Until now I'm still not sure whether long or short horns look better for this guy.

Articulation is pretty good here. However, don't keep him long in standing poses though... since his heels are made from rubbery claws. Potential warping might occurs from prolonged pressure exerted on them.


  1. do you consider this to be the earth mode of your last build with this set?

    1. Nope. Just like skullcruncher.. he's cybertronian all the way.

  2. Are you planning on creating a lego transformer out of the ninjago empire dragon or Jay's cyber dragon or maybe even wu's battle dragon?

    1. I'm eyeing Wu's dragon for LEGO TF. Shall wait till it goes on sale.


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