Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Quickie of the Week #20: Work in progress and then some

Well it's been quite a while since I update my blog. Anyway, I'm actively indulging in MOCing and LEGO related activities  almost everyday , but on a shorter duration daily. This  spurred me to start a facebook page (link below)  where I can quickly share with you all my progress and noteworthy stuff in my LEGO MOCing process. Do give me a push and like my page!


Project Trainformer

Here is how the train cockpit folds down to become the spaceship mode nosecone half. There are 2 types of hinged mechanism here:

1) The conventional one using technic brick with holes and pins behind the trainhead. (to connect to the train body)

2) The front using c-clips + bar (also known as lightsaber =)

I am using the latter method (bar and c-clips) for the front because I wish to maintain the curvature of the train nosecone on the side using brackets (this means technic brick hinges is too chunky for this purpose).
2 c-clips are used per side to hold the bar to strengthen the hinges (I used one earlier but it pops off easily).

Robot mode Kneecaps

The robot legs require "knee caps" to prevent it from falling over forward. To make these kneecaps, I'm using brackets together with some cheese slopes for this tight squeeze between the train segments , just enough to maintain clearance for the segments to swivel left or right a bit.

And below is a short video taken last month showing how the leg was transformed. (many refinements were made since then).

Project Liokaiser

For a recap of what this project is all about, click here .  Photoshoot and editing is underway. If all goes well, photo gallery of combined super robot mode Liokaiser will be published this weekend. In the meantime...

Prepping for Photoshoot

Both arms are merged to the upper body via black bars ( lego finger part) clipped to Leozack / upper body mode. ( yellow arrows in first photo).
But such connections are weak and prone to detachment when the arms are raised/ posed. I am forced to introduce a scaffolding to reinforce the connections.

This is how the shoulders are supported from under the armpits. The arms from leozack (combiner body) can be pegged onto the chest of Hellbat and Guyhawk, the 2 bots forming the shoulders and arms for Liokaiser.

And a lil teaser of what's coming.....

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