Sunday, May 18, 2014

Quickie of the Week #5: Dilemma! Dilemma!

Current work in progress is 90% done now, albeit some parts of the right color require a visit to soon.  I'm now at a crossroad. Which design should I go for ?

Seemingly small issues like this may potentially bug me for days! Help!

ps: I even ran out of plain 2x2 tile! The one with decals is just  a placeholder (will not be applied to final design).


  1. i prefer the top one. it looks closer to the G1 toy.

  2. I'd recommend the top design. By the way, I am aware that the LEGO mixels are pretty dumb, but the do include a new smaller ball joint that is much smaller than the normal one. I think the piece may be helpful in future MOCs.


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