Friday, October 25, 2013

LEGO 31007 Power Mech Alternate Design - Transformer "Spring"

When set 31007 was launched earlier this year, some Transformers fans quickly relate it to Springer, a triple changer from Transformers G1 cartoon series. I can see why, with the green color, the 2 matching alternate modes besides the mech mode (helicopter and vehicle).   

(By the way, I made a LEGO Springer few years ago: link here)

So as a fan of Creator, I bought one, played around with it, and then MOC it to become "Spring", a fictional Transformer that merely transform into one alternate mode.


In the very beginning, I combined this set (31007) with City Cement Mixer (61008) and Super Racer 31002) , and attempt to make one hell of a LEGO Transformer. From this combination, even with a bigger palette of parts to choose from, I failed. Then I put them aside for few months.

Only recently when I decided to isolate those 3 sets ...  I kinda "got my groove" back and the rest is history.   I guess the adage LESS IS MORE works pretty well here. I seemed to be more focused on the parts restrictions , yet knows how to use them optimally for this petite MOC of mine.

I'm kinda proud with this MOC because it's built using parts from one official set (and not an expensive set that is), its a land based vehicle / non-jet (tyres are a form of challenge when it comes to building LEGO-formers),  and it took me about 3-4 days to complete the design! 

Special mention: The back tyres doesn't make use of the one-piece axle part, so the part ends up as the front bumper.

The thighs are a bit fragile especially when you try to unfold them out from the vehicle mode. This is because they're connected via 1x4 tiles. And this set have no 1x4 studded plate for me to utilize here. 

LEGO (non-studded) tiles have less clutch power compared to it's plate equivalent.


  1. Please, please, please instructions (or more pictures break aparts).


    1. Please, please, please instructions (or more pictures break aparts).

  2. You lied you said you would post instructions liar liar pants on fire

  3. Here you go!


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