Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bot-Lightyear of Star Command - 'built-a-buzz' alternate model

I snagged LEGO set construct-a-buzz on the last day of 2011 coz it goes for nearly 50% off the retail price. It never dissapoint in terms of number of hinges, slopes ,wedges and brackets which are very useful for my future MOCs. So the finished model stayed there on my shelf displayed... until today.

Before I dismantle the parts to be put into my LEGO "pile" (organised into trays of different part categories and colors) , I decided to squeeze more mileage from this set by trying to build something else out of it. And after nearly 3 hours of fun... this MOC is born!

Apart from the alien minifig, I managed to incultivate ALL THE PARTS in the set into this MOC. The final one hour of building saw me trying to find a way to utilize Buzz's head and also his transparent helmet.

I'm very satisfied with this quickie MOC . I think I will keep it for display for a while more before its parts goes into the "pile" officially :)


Stay tuned to my blog as I will compile the instructions for you guys to follow/build in a weeks time. =)

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