Friday, September 9, 2016

LEGO Breastforce Combiner Liokaiser!

It's Finally Here!!!

Quick Introduction on Liokaiser

Liokaiser is a combiner robot merged from 7  smaller robots that transform into military vehicles.  You can click on the links below to view photo gallery of each individual robot and their vehicle modes.

19/01/2022 Update! A have started a youtube playlist on this project! 

Killbison with Bisonbreast
Guyhawk with Hawkbreast
Drillhorn with Hornbreast
Hellbat with Komoribreast
Jallguar with Jaguarbreast
Leozack with Lionbreast

... and not forgetting Deathcobra!

Photo Gallery Batch 1

Photos shown in this batch  were snapped a day before I  decided to showcase this MOC in Box Of Box LEGO shop KLCC , Malaysia.

I hastily merge the smaller robots aka Breastforce team to form Liokaiser  but during this process, I did not integrate some of the minions /Breastforce beasts into the combined mode coz it's already nearly midnight when I'm done,

The 3 Breastforce Beasts  left out from the combined mode.

Liokaiser hands  and head were contributed by Deathcobra , the legendary 7th member of Breastforce.

It's already midnight when I was halfway through the photoshoot, but I still insist of squeezing a few more poses from this guy...

"Awwww.... C'mon!" pose.

.... then I fell asleep soon after.


So Liokaiser, along with a bunch of my chosen LEGO Transformers,  were packed up and whisked to KLCC Box of Bricks Shop to be displayed for the whole of July 2016...

And I started my Project Trainformer to kill time.  

By the end of July , I  wrapped up my display and brought them  home, and Liokaiser (dismantled) were kept in storage for the whole of August.  Only recently I took him out again and start shooting a new batch of photos (below)

Photo Gallery Batch 2

In this batch, Liokaiser mode is almost the same with previous photos, except for the following:
  • Extra scaffoldings were implemented here to reinforce the build /connections.
  • Drillhorn's beast minion  now integrated into Liokaiser's right leg mode.
  • Slight difference in beast minion integration for Liokaiser's left leg .
  • Remaining component from Deathcobra forms the weapon to be held by Liokaiser, is shown in this batch of photos.
  • And a few photos of how the upper body connects to the lower body.

The weapon is connected to the hand via 2 studs.There are extra spurs around the wrists that I can fold out to further secure this weapon.

There's a slight difference on how I form the shoulders compared to previous batch of photos. (observe the position of small robot arms in red and blue). 

That's as far as I can go getting him to raise his weapon up. The shoulder joints were too weak for anything more elaborate.

Two of my favorite photos from this batch =)

Remaining beast minions left out of the action with Powermaster Optimus Prime and a Ninjago minifigure for scale comparison.

Photo Gallery Batch 3

Liokaiser is top heavy. Even though I designed his legs to be articulated, they simply can't take the weight of his upper body. So photos you've seen so far were showing him just standing up straight or spreading out just a little bit more.  

To show how articulated his legs were, here is Liokaiser half-combined to the torso with Jallguar taking the lead :)

Closing Thoughts

Well, this project took me about 7 months to focus on (minus the intermittent delays building other MOCs) and as you can see (I hope)... the efforts I had put in were huge not just in literal manner.

This marks the end of an era for me... sort of.  If I were to do a combiner again,  I would opt for a smaller scaled one. This would be another form of challenge altogether for me :)

I shall post one or more blog entries soon to chronicle my journey in building Liokaiser , focusing on various building techniques and hope you guys can learn a few tips and tricks  or so. :)

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  1. This guy is amazing! Please submit it to Lego Ideas!


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