Friday, October 7, 2016

LEGO Triple Changer Railrazor Part 1 of 2: Bullet Train and Space Shuttle Mode

Railrazor (not related to this guy) is a  twin brother to Astrotrain. It was known that both of them signed up for Shockwave's triple changer experiment to enhance their abilities in battle.  However, sensing his benevolent spark slowly eroded by this experiment, he escaped Shockwave's lab but failed to save Astrotrain from the same fate , as his escape was quickly discovered by Shockwave. He lived as a fugitive ever since  in the depths of Cybertron (and sometimes flew above radar detection as a space shuttle (with stealth mode activated).

Million of years later, after a long search, Railrazor arrived on Earth after sensing Astrotrain's presense here. However, he crash landed in Japan and assumed a bullet train mode. The partially completed triple changer experiment back in Cybertron prevented him from  scanning a second earth-like mode to replace his  Cybertronian shuttle mode.


I've been thinking of building a LEGO Transformer train for many many years now. Back then, what stopped me was  the bar I set myself: I wanted it to make use of LEGO 9v train motor feature (below) and this means the train must also make use of  LEGO train axles/wheels too (chunky 6-stud long piece ).

The LEGO train motor above is pretty heavy and if implemented in my MOC, the robot mode's gonna be very heavy and barely poseable.  

About this Creation

About 3 months ago, this project started life from an eureka moment . Initially this would be my LEGO Astrotrain, then changed my mind weeks later because I wanted to build Astrotrain in the future as a steam locomotive.  Below are some of the criteria I'm firm on before I start building:

  • Each segment of the train must be flexible /able to swivel to some degree like a typical train to negotiate bends.
  • Absolute focus on making the train mode as realistic as possible and the shuttle mode as second priority.
  • It must be primarily white.


  • This project /Transformer remained nameless for 2 months before I decided on "Railrazor".
  • It's my habit to build the robot head last, so I was worried how I can cram in the head with my current design. Thanks to google I discovered something called pantograpth. :)
  • The weaponized train mode for the middle segment was incidental. There were some hollowed space inside the train. While not cram in a few weapons inside to be flipped out, I'd thought. :)
  • The final color scheme was undecided until I referred to my available hinged bricks.I have much more blue and black of these hinged bricks compared to other color.
  • I blew 2 balljoint socket bricks from constant test-transforming him between modes. RIP dear bricks.
  • The wheels used here are "faux" train wheels  made from 2x2 round plates with axle hole. They're not compatible with LEGO train tracks obviously.

Train Mode

Side by side with LEGO 4560: Railway Express, my first LEGO Train which I bought the same year I got out of my dark ages.

Weaponized Battle Mode

2 missile racks guarding one side, and 2 cannons guarding another

... and finally, a dual barreled rifle on top.

Transformation to Shuttle

Shuttle Mode

Due to the heavy panels becoming the shuttle wings, they sagged a lil. 

Oppps! Forgotten to implement landing gears to prop up the shuttle nosecone. I have to build a separate scaffolding to hold it up for photoshoot.

Those 2 guys were commuting inside the train but suddenly "ejected" out after it decided to transform into a shuttle. 

Optimus Prime persuaded Railrazor to join Autobot cause.

Are you ready for Part 2? Let's go!


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  2. Could you consider Astrotrains Shuttle mode reflects as a partly steampunk verson of railrazors shuttle mode(because you plan to build him as a steam train so why not, railrazor incopirates some of its train mode fetures, so why cannot astrotrain incopirates some of its train alt mode since their brothers?


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