Friday, May 6, 2022

Video Tutorial: Transformer warship Nemesis from LEGO Creator set 31125: Fantasy Forest Creatures


Not long  after Creator set 31125 was released back in March 2022, I've received many requests to build a Transformers from it, especially the Decepticons*

*Actually I seldom assign allegiance to  my Transformers built from LEGO sets, except the ones inspired from actual Transformer characters.

Last year, I used the Wild Lion Creator set to build "The Ark", the space shuttle used by Autobots to escape their home planet Cybertron at the beginning of G1  Transformers series.Since then, requests for Nemesis came. 

Nemesis is a  warship used by the evil Decepticons to attack the Autobot Ark but ,causing the latter to crash land on earth, setting up the many adventures in subsequent episodes.  In the original series, Nemesis was never known to have a robot mode.  


My first impression of this set was good. The pricepoint is the same with last year's set 31112: Wild Lion, which I had made a few Transformers from (click here to view 'em).  And the box art showed pretty good articulations on the owl wings. Seemed like many hinges await  me to tinker around with.

However... upon unboxing it and built the main model (owl),  it seemed to look smaller than anticipated.  There's not many generic LEGO plates here, and there are  too many LEGO bricks with studs on the side.  


This project is a case of the right set at the right time.  The  primarily purple color in set 31125 it just perfect for me to build the Nemesis , or  more Decepticon Transformers  (in the future).

I started the ball rolling by accepting a weird pelvis design. There's no other way to go about it.

Trying hard to replicate the tail fins  jutting out from left , right ,center and underneath the  ship mode!

The whole project was completed in about 3 days.

One of the tailfins demands a very unique building technique, which is probably illegal. You have been warned.

Halfway through the project, I noticed I had haphazardly apply the purple parts , causing a blotchy look.  Then I redesign the wings and apply most of the purple parts there for a more uniform look.

Side by side with The Ark. Both creations used up almost 90% of parts from their respective sets (31125 and 31112), but  Nemesis is obviously leaner and smaller than the Ark.   


Transformation is super simple , I almost didn't bother to post the steps below.  Reminded me of my earlier LEGO  Transformer Infernus too, that I made back in 2015.


The weakest link in this creation is definitely his head connection.

Since there's no more hinges for me to peruse, one of the the tailfin remains jutting out from his back.


The Ark robot mode is towering over Nemesis!!


Building Instructions in the form of a video tutorial , is located at the bottom of this page. Before you get started, please sort your parts according to the photos below. 





Click here if video is not showing.

Thank you for following my video tutorial! 


  1. The alternate build of this set looks awesome, even for the decisions you took to get the color uniformity due to the lack of purple pieces.

    But another thing is that build with those colors are just screaming "Blitzwing" from it. Do you think if you combined this set with another, visually compatible one (could be even two or three of this same one!) you would end up with a cool triple changer figure of it? Think about something on the looks of T30 Blitzwing, which even for the figure's flaws has such futuristic look that could match for the lego engineering designs.

  2. Hi ! Thanks for the suggestions. Since I love triple changers, let me scout around for sets that could be combined with this one.

  3. Ironically a prototype for a transformer who turns into the Nemesis was showcased a year later for the Transformers Legacy toy line(how do you think about Hasbro's Nemesis ship transformer?)


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