Friday, July 2, 2021

Video Tutorial: Transformer Benatar ship from LEGO Creator 31115: Space Mining Mech


Set  31115 Space Mining Mech  is probably my most anticipated set for this year(2021).
This is because it seemed to be the spiritual successor to set 31090: Underwater robot , which I had built four Transformers so far using it (click here to view them). 

I've been receiving  many requests from my youtube viewers to build a TF using this set. I only managed to acquire it few months ago. .Project was initiated at the second half of April 2021.

What struck me  was the sheer number of brackets in this set. But I was perplexed to discover only one  curved slope inside (weird, considering such part is a staple in many LEGO Creator sets).  


The type of specialized parts from a set  usually dictates what alternate  mode I am planning to build. This set has a domed windshield. So Benatar ship from Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 movie came to mind.  

The precious and sole curved part from the set has the honor of become the nosecone of the ship. 

There are always one or few components that disproportionately took me the most time to get right (or at least presentable). For this project, it's the hinged panels covering the plane body, below its wings.

The windshield opens to reveal a gaping hole. 

Close-up of the wing. The hinged wingtips are coincidentally becoming the nimble robot feet (or toes). 


Building this creation was not smooth sailing all the way. At one point I'd  thought of restarting anew (different alt mode),  after being frustrated of not able to streamline the vehicle mode exterior, despite having many smooth tiles at my disposal..  

I have to settle with clunky, splotchy exterior with bits of yellow and orange all over the place.

There's something I given up trying (after many times).... that is to lengthen both the tail ends. Duh.... no curvy parts !!!

I think one of the reason I pushed on to complete this project  is the fact  that this is my first TF attempt using set 31115.  Despite its flaws , there's definitely room for improvement in my subsequent projects with the set.


Note how the brackets allowed the robot hands to latch on to form the wings.

The robot heels was  the final  building challenge I need to tackle. Already pretty much used up all the hinges, the application of the gray rounded parts to the back of the legs was my last option in connecting the heels.


Initially his cockpit-turned-chest can be folded all the way down (think Transformer Sideswipe) instead of facing forward now (cue Transformer Jazz).   But the former design made him looked fat. So to prevent the accidental saggy chest when handling him, I applied a damper underneath the cockpit to limit the folding.

In the past, I used to ignore the gaping technic holes on frictional joints (see robot thighs). Now I'm making it a point to cover them up with whatever greeblings I have left from the set. 

The technic holes on the thighs are still visible from his back though. 



Next to him is another recent Transformer I built from set 31112 that turns into Benatar as well. (click here for my info)


Building Instructions in the form of a video tutorial , is located at the bottom of this page. 

Before you get started, please sort your parts according to the photos below. 



Panels and Pelvis



Video not showing? Click here please.

Thank you for following my video tutorial!  I'll produce more Transformers from set 31115 for sure! Do come back again!

For more building instructions of my previous LEGO creations, click here please.  Have fun!  

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  1. I am a kid and i really enjoy your awesome Transformers!Can you please make a transformer out of set 76171?


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