Thursday, February 9, 2017

Quickie of the Week #22: No ball joints? No Problem!

During the long Chinese New Year holidays (which will officially end soon tomorrow aka Chap Goh Mei)  , I took the chance to clear my  backlogs of to-built list, which are to MOC  robots/mechas from last year's LEGO sets I bought , especially Creators.

Project 1

I started with Set 31047 one fine afternoon and it took me about 3 - 4 hours with disruption from a lil monster trying to foil my plan and throw the parts about as I build it.

Due to lack of ball joints, this MOC will not be transformable. However, he still can manage a bit of articulations on the upper body.

Project 2

The same night, I sneak out of my bed and start my engine running again by spending another 3++ hours MOCing a robot from the set below (31049), uninterrupted. Yay.

Same like Project 1, this robot is not transformable and with limited articulations. Hmm....

Project 3

I'm very proud of this one! Started yesterday morning with some interruptions and took me one whole day to built and refine....

Below is the outcome of my built and this vehicle, I repeat..... this vehicle can transform into a robot!

before I start building from this set, I found the long technic beams (that always exist underneath mid size LEGO vehicles) to be very intimidating and almost-redundant . Eventually I found a way still. (refer to photos below of the partial transformations ).

Btw, I dislike transformers with bulky tyres on the side of their hips.

For more frequent updates, I will show step by step building instructions , one component at a time of my projects above in my facebook page too! So please visit my FB page  below more often and follow my "lessons" there. Your support and likes are very much needed. Thanks guys!


  1. Can you post instructions for the yellow bot ?? :)

    1. Hi! photo gallery of the yellow bot with link to building instructions is located here:


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