Monday, December 19, 2016

Quickie of the Week #21: Project "The Last Autobot" Work in progress

This project started pretty quickly last week thanks to the holiday my state enjoyed (Birthday of our Sultan). So I had one whole day for myself doing the things I like. :)

After 2 months of not building anything, project "The Last Autobot" started off about 11am and this is the first time I performed a "marathon" build . This means I gave myself 6 hours to complete it. However, things gotten a bit complicated. Anyway, within the 6 hours, here's what it looks like (photo above and below).  90% done, what's missing is the head and I decided to slow down a lil to improve the overall design before I finalize it.

A Lil Challenge

Being the final component to be built, I was having problem concealing the head. I can either modify the head to be hinged OR the implemented a hinged chest mechanism to tuck in the head in his alternate modes (he doesn't just transform into a huge Autobot insignia).   

Since I'm very satisfied with how the head was pieced together, I decided to leave it intact and go on to modify my design on the chest:

Conventional shoulder joints required 2 L-shaped plates to secure them , and the technic brick with hole too.

To hollow out the chest , I decided to use brackets to secure the shoulder joints instead. By the way, this technique was used before in my previous MOCs, Guyhawk ddd and Hellbat too, for aesthetic purposes.

Now the empty chest will have space for me to implement a hinged mechanism for the head.

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