Wednesday, December 28, 2016

LEGO "The Last Autobot" Part 1 of 2 : Alternate modes

From "The Last Autobot  is a guardian that Primus prepared, against the day that he would no longer be able to guide his creations. A stoic being, the Last Autobot awaits his destiny. "

How cool is that!

My first encounter of this character was from the Issue #79  of Marvel Transformers Comics (from the 80s. ).  As a plot device to put all closure to everything (aka Happy Ending), he showed up,  did a few magical stuff .. reformatting Transformers home planet Cybertron and resurrected the good guys Autobots to bring the bad guys into submissions.

TLA from the comics has a cheesy looking Autobot Logo as a face, which I am unable to replicate at the scale of my MOC. 

About this  Creation

As usual, the initial concept was in my brain for quite some time . Only recently I managed to entitle myself to some me-time thanks to a  holiday in the state I am working and residing in , I quickly get to materialise my idea. 90% of this MOC was done in about 6 hours that day, and refinements took about 3 hours more over the next 10 days . 

  • I loved the idea of TLA being literally a robot in disguise rather than entombed somewhere in Cybertron waiting to be discovered, hence his Autobot Logo/Insignia mode. He can blend in into Cybertron metallic surface/walls/ceilings without anyone noticing.
  • Since I built the head last, It's an absolute co-incidence that the head can be tucked into the Insignia mode without modifying other already built component like the robot legs.
  • Initially I had some problems keeping this mode upright due to small footprint, until I refine his jet mode wingtips which can be folded/angled to help stabilize the Insignia modes. This, too.. is a co-incidence. 
  • As a "sacred" creation of Primus (assumedly to be peace loving), I decided NOT to arm TLA with any form of weaponry in all his modes. He's literally a wizard in Transformers lore , so weapons are redundant... I guess.
  • TLA is an ancient Cybertronian so I keep this in mind during my refinement of this MOC... by adding gold toned LEGO parts on his chest and legs too, and a more slender legs compared to other blockier/ chunkier ones in modern Transformers . 

More co-incidences. If you notice an unmasked robotic face above with eyes , nose and chin.... it's an optical illusion! I didn't plan for that actually.

In the comics, it was team Neo Knights that  discovered TLA. Here I am using a Nexo Knight instead. 

Transformation to Space Cruiser

One of the hardest part in my design is how to make both nosecone halves to connect together with minimal gaps in between. 

Space Cruiser 

Proceed to Part 2 for the robot mode

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