Friday, June 17, 2016

LEGO Deathcobra from Breastforce team

In Transformers: Victory series, Deathcobra is a robot that transforms into a Mi-24 helicopter and is paired with Cobrabreast . 

He is 7th member of Breastforce team and form the arm of super robot Liokaiser, but he got killed early the show, and his role was taken over by another breastforce member Guyhawk.
Due to his tragic predicament, NO  official Victory toy  was produced for Deathcobra.

About this MOC

Months ago when I was nearly done with all the main 6 breastforce member MOCs, I proceeded to build the hand components for combined mode: super robot Liokaiser.  I was not really keen having these hands with just a singular purpose and nothing more. And I've been trying to find a way to integrate them into another MOC. 

Finally  I decided to pay homage to Deathcobra .  Deathcobra MOC that I made here is formed by components necessary for Liokaiser to be formed, and a bit more  =)  :
  • The head
  •  Two hands
  • A weapon to be used by Liokaiser.

Initially those rotors are longer by 2 more studs, but they will hit the tailfins, so I shortened them.

Wings on each side of the helicopter detach to become combiner hands.

Underneath the helicopter is Liokaiser's head. (Sorry I need to pixelate the head photo before the final reveal of Liokaiser next weekend!)

Transform to combiner weapon

Weapon Mode

There will be no handle on this weapon for the hands to grasp. It will be pegged to the  hand instead =)

With the completion of this MOC, this means I am wrapping up Project Liokaiser . So now it's time for me to focus on preparing this combiner for photoshoot and compile other related media. 

See you guys next week!

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