Monday, May 9, 2016

LEGO Millennium Falcon Falcon!! (Updated with video and LEGO Ideas link)

In my previous post, I mentioned about joining a Star Wars MOC competition in LEGOLAND Malaysia recently. I didn't win but the event was a great fun with tons of freebies. :)

My submission is an diorama of  Millenium Falcon Falcons (yes it's not a typo) placed in a very minimalist 48x48 base frame.

UPDATE 15/07/2020: Building instructions for sale! Click here to buy it.

UPDATE 15/07/2020: HD video now available! 

This MOC took me almost 3 weeks to complete. Initially started with a bland gray color scheme , I took the liberty to do more research on this iconic Star Wars vehicle  and discovered that there's a blue version too. So I happily rebuild it with a sprinkle of blue parts here and there.

The hardest part of this project of mine is to procure the 4 stone gray quarter round plates (on a budget). And since I need to clone 2 more of this MOC for my diorama/ contest submission. That's a total of 12 parts I need!

Another last minute changes to this MOC is the rectangular radar dish instead of the round one. The reason for this change is that the round radar dish was a very fragile built (pops out easily when I handle the MOC)

Taking Flight

The transparent stick helping to prop up this MOC is part of the diorama . This is the coolest way to show what's under this MOC . If you still fail to guess correctly what it transforms into, you need to get you  eyes checked. =)

Let the Transformation Begins...

Enter the Falcon!

The best way to show how cool this beast is , is to show it perching on top of something .

It's not easy coercing this beast to maintain a steady pose on the platform. He finally thrown in the towel...

New! Youtube Video Uploaded!

Building Instructions Please?

Sure! Just give me few more days and I'll publish the instructions here. Cheers!

LEGO Ideas just approved my submission. Click on the link and vote for this MOC and put them on the store  shelves guys!

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