Saturday, October 8, 2022

LEGO Victory Leo Part 1 of 2: Jet to Lion mode


This is my 4th (yes...4TH!)  attempt at building  Victory Leo using LEGO.


Victory Leo hold a soft spot in my heart. He is a character from Japanese Transformers: Victory cartoon series back in the early 90's.  He turned into a mechanical lion and also a space jet.  He was the reincarnation of God Ginrai from the Previous Masterforce series... the Japanese equivalent of Powermaster Optimus Prime (my favorite toy as well).

I built  my first LEGO Victory Leo at the same year the show was aired too! To find out more about my past Victory Leo (and Star Saber) creations, click on the link below:

30 Years of LEGO Victory Saber >>

UPDATE 04/03/2023: Outtakes video is now live!

Click here if video above is not showing.

UPDATE 09/10/2022: Outtakes video is now live!

View the various design methods I used while working on this project! 

Click here if video above is not showing.


This creation is part of my project Victory 2022 , where I decided to build Victory Saber after discovering last year that Hasbro Lab was producing their own version of the same character too.

Victory Saber (above) is the merging between Victory  Leo and Star Saber, the main good guys in TF: Victory Series.

In this part 1, I will feature the jet mode and how it transforms into the lion mode. Are you ready?



Notice the lion claws "latching" onto the jet wings at the back. There are so many configurations on how they can be positioned really. This one was finalized to give an impression they're integrated with the 2 red cannons.



The original G1 Victory Leo's jet mode looked like an afterthought (inset). Here,  I am taking my creative liberty to  make it sleeker , and with a prominent cockpit too.


Look closer and you'll notice pegs on the white wings. Those pegs are needed when merging with Star Saber in jet modes.  


Unlatch the lion legs from the wings

Fold the wings inward.

Rotate both cannons to face the back of the jet mode, which now become front of the lion mode.  

Nosecone halves folded inwards, revealing the nosecone tip that will form the lion's tail.

Unlatch the legs from underneath the jet mode. 

Expand the rear legs.  OK  now give him a tickle so that he'll  roll his body around.


The best part of the building process was designing the lion head. And I saved this for  the final leg of the project.


The cannons mounted on his rear legs was applied on the first few days of this project . They were meant as placeholders for better design to come. However, they grew on me and managed to slip through in his other modes without causing clearance issues. So I decided to spare them. 


The yellow spur on his front feet were added to improve his stability in lion mode. 




He's not always that ferocious. Here's him having fun with his friends.  

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