Wednesday, September 16, 2020

LEGO Transformer G1 Cybertronian Bumblebee


To be real frank, I never intended to build Bumblebee* out of LEGO.  There's more than one reason why...

*Referring to the Bee that are well known to many fans and kids alike (vintage or modern earth vehicles)  

Firstly, earth vehicles Bee never appealed  to me that much. Secondly,  many builders have attempted Bumblebees using LEGO that transformed into earth vehicle forms already , some with great success too. So there's no need for me to chip in.

About this Project

Early last year, I made a Transformer using set 31090 , and named him BumbleSea. Not long after, I was inspired to build G1 Cybertronian Bumblebee (screenshot below)  but put the idea aside.

This version of Bumblebee appeared at the beginning of G1 Transformers cartoon series.

Early this year, I tried building a microscale version of this Bee (below) 

This microscale Bee inspired me to build a bigger scaled one that's more resembling his G1 Cybertronian self from the screenshot shown above.

UPDATE 15/11/2020: Video is up!

Click here if video is not showing above.


The main challenge in this project would be designing his vehicle mode from limited visual references. The screenshot of this mode showed minimal detailings and angles. I have to use my creative license and fill in the rest.

He fits one LEGO minifigure snugly. I know this is an optional feature since humans doesn't exist in Cybertron when Bee was in this native mode. 





This special mode was an unexpected discovery. From the rear, it looks like an earthen submersible vehicle.  And since there are some gaps underneath, why not tuck in a pair of mechanical arms too?





To emphasize his small stature, the legs are deliberately designed to be shorter by 2 studs.

Thats why he looks like a teenage Autobot compared to his other more adult-looking /well-built peers.


Note the slightly tilted buttflap  that allows clearance for the thighs. Miraculously, this doesn't hamper the waist swivel. 







Being of the smallest of the Autobots, he's quite a poser! 


The book foretells his future on planet Earth.

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