Saturday, April 18, 2020

LEGO Transformer 2 Headed Dragon from Creator set 31102: Fire Dragon

Well, I once had doubts with this set....

...due to my habit of analyzing LEGO sets from their box art.  I noticed this Creator Fire Dragon set has pretty unique parts for its wings, the weird looking dark blue arch parts.  And there's 8 of them !

 They seemed to be hard for me to apply in my built, I initially thought.

My first attempt was to built a hovering* logging vehicle Transformer, since those arch parts seemed pretty spot on for clamping tree trunks and transfer them onto the truck, but the clamp  mechanism used up too many hinges from  the set ,leaving me with very limited parts for robot mode joints.

*There's no wheels in this set for conventional ground vehicle to be made.

Initially I applied different colored optics for each dragon head ,  but transparent red eyes doesn't go too well with the dark red head. So now they both ended up with green eyes instead. There are still subtle differences with their head design though.  I shall let you discover them yourself, if you look at the photos hard enough!

The hind legs is probably one of my least favorite design, due to the awkward angle how the claws are positioned.


Robot Mode

Note the cones on his butt, they're useful for something.

One of the finishing touches to this creation was "plugging in" the technic hole on his thighs with 2 transparent round parts.

More Action Please!

His legs might looked pretty stable and sturdy, but actually the connection of the dark blue arch plates are pretty delicate. I accidentally popped them off too often when trying to bend the legs for action poses like below.

Miscellanous Photos

Testament to his huge and strong pair of legs. That's Hasbro Masterpiece MP01 Optimus Prime  on the left and Unique Toys  Optimus Prime (aka Challenger) on the  right.

That's Takara Masterpiece Grimlock he's riding. 

Together with his fellow peers, Transformers made from official LEGO sets. Building Instructions here


That is why you noticed a pair of cones on his robot mode's butt earlier. They become "full frontal" cannons for his space cruiser mode.

Building Instructions is located here


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