Thursday, September 5, 2019

(Updated with video) Instructions for LEGO Transformer Razorkatty from set 70287 Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy

It's finally here! Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.............!!!!!!!
Few months ago, I published photo gallery of this creation, a Transformer made from set 70827 Lego Movie 2: Ultra Katty and Warrior Lucy.    


Transformation between beast and robot mode doesn't require reassembly of parts.

For Beginners...

Credits in preparing this digital instruction goes to Antonio Nasella aka TheMaster .  Thank you so much!

For Those Wanting a Challenge...

..try building by referring to step-by-step visual images shown below. Good luck!

Body - Pelvis

Body - Upper

2 angles shown

2 angles shown above

Body - Backside

Left Arm

Left Arm- Shoulder Joint 

Right Arm

Right Arm - shoulder joint

Left Leg

2 angles shown above 

2 angles shown above

Left Leg - (part 2)

Right Leg

2 angles shown above  

2 angles shown above 

Right Leg - (part 2)

Robot Head and Beast Muzzle

Putting them All together

If you need more visual guide, click on photo gallery here to see more photos from various angles. 

Waitaminute. What about his weapon?

Well, this shall be your final challenge.. if you wish to accept it. Try build the weapon using remaining parts from the set. 

By the way.. a slight retool on either one of the knuckles is required for him to hold this weapon.

  • More free building instructions  (mostly from official LEGO sets)


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