Saturday, October 4, 2014

LEGO Beast Wars Dinobot Part 2: Robot mode

Please check out Part 1 for the beast mode and transformation steps before you proceed.

I'm happy how the raptor arms can easily tucked into his back effortlessly! 

Initially the robot hand / claws looked much better designed but they failed the integrity test: They detaches easily in raptor mode as feet (collapsing due to weight of the body I guess) or even from a simple folding inwards to form knuckles . So I redesigned them to what you see presently. 

With Weapons

The grip on the the tail-weapon  is excellent due to the curvature of the claws and also a one stud connection between the palm and the weapon. 

No partsforming

In part 1 showing the raptor mode, you will notice the tail is plucked off /detached from a stem to form weapons. 

If the tail remained in its place from the raptor mode all the way to the robot mode, it will end up at the back below. 

With the boys

This MOC is almost as tall as Masterpiece Grimlock, the original Dinobot.  

He once auditioned in 'V' but his acting range (read: No human/pretender mode) failed him

Ok.. its time for me to split as well. Hope you enjoy my works. =)


  1. Will you be doing a Lego Waspinator? If so try to use the recent generations Waspinator, who has his robot legs under the wasp mode.

  2. Hi there.

    Since I'm not a fan of BW, chances are pretty slim :]

    .... unless I get a relevation of some sort to make them a triple changer .

  3. I love the velcirapter transformers they are very fast but it is way better as a lego. great job bro!


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