Monday, March 2, 2020

Tutorial: Let's build a Transformer from LEGO Ninjago 71707: Kai's Mech Jet

When I first set my eyes of set 71707, I was pretty excited to see a jet mode on the box art. However...

12/04/2020 UPDATE ! Video Tutorial is available. Click here to get started.

..I noticed that the jet mode looked a tad simple, doesn't quite tally with the official well-designed mech mode. This can only mean that it's an alternate design (like LEGO Creators) instead of direct transformation from the mech mode. Kreo's anyone?

I unboxed this set at the last day of my Chinese New Year holidays  last month and built the main official mech. Since I wasn't too keen on the jet mode, I skipped building that ... and proceed to create a Transformer out of the set. And here we are...

80% creation was complete on the first day I started building. 

One of my noteworthy building moment was applying the hinged white fins at both sides of the jet mode,giving it a wider wing eeer finspan . Due to limited hinged parts from the set, I usually prioritize them for transformation and articulation than aesthetic purpose like fin connections.

The transparent green parts are really suitable for building one insect Transformer. Can you guess who am I referring to?

Note the 3 prominent white robot arms-turned nosecone hinges under the jet mode. Anything less and the nosecone will sag under excessive weight. 

I really spent a lot of time swapping black and white parts around on the jet mode to give it the best look.  


Every LEGO Transformer of mine has a weak spot, aka Achilles Heels. For this one, it's literally his heels that were folded out from his legs. The hinges there tend to be loose and shift position easily everytime I position him to desired pose. 

Mech Mode

Despite being just 5% of the whole robot, building the robot head took me almost than half the time used for this project! 

The major LEGO part that made the head possible was Kai's armor piece.  There's a black version of the armor found on his surfboard riding opponent from the set too, that can be used to build the robot head.

The flexibility of the nosecone piece allowed it to be positioned behind the robot , whether higher or lower. I preferred the latter.

I ran out of useful pieces to make him a weapon to be hold on his hands. Continue reading to see what other stuff I have installed for him.

Time for Action

As expected, he's very articulated from top to  toe.

The jet engines become his arm mounted cannons.

And I call this pose "Monkeying Around"

Bonus Photos

"So who's controlling who anyway?"

Bonus Mode

For making this far into my blog post, here's another mode to rival Galvatron

Building Instructions/Tutorial

Video not showing? Click here please.


  1. i can't find it and it's not in youtube.

    1. Sorry! instructions for this bot will be delayed for a while. COVID lockdown forced me to be indoor and I am unable to buy a few stuff required for photoshoot.

    2. ok. but what if you buy online?

  2. you should know i made him without the instructions so why not upload the instructions.

    1. Not quite getting you. you mean you built my MOC above without instructions?

  3. great product, It can be compared to creator set


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